Kanye West And Taylor Swift: Did He Damage Her Vma Award Speech?

Kanye West And Taylor Swift: Did He Damage Her Vma Award Speech?

A smart song choice from Simon: Simon Cowell picked "One" by U2 for Adam's first overall performance. Adam is such a great singer and I'm certain that he never worries about having a bad evening. But he ought to thank his fortunate stars that it was Simon accountable for the hook up. I can only envision what Paula would've chosen?

17. "Take A Walk" - Passion Pit Although the lyrical substance of this tune might be devastatingly depressing, the melody sings a different tune. That is likely why this tune grew to become representative of a Taco Bell commercial and a motivational campaign video for President Obama's 2012 presidential race.

With performances by Nicki Minaj, Nmd Adidas and Maroon five. Jay - Z also makes a surprise look to perform a song with Kanye. Adam Levine of Maroon 5 will consider the stage with girlfriend Anne V, a supermodel from Russia.

The sequence operates from June three through September 25. Performances take location from Midday till one:30pm (with the exception of the last overall performance, throughout which DC go-go legend Chuck Brown will consider to the phase from five-7pm).

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